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Have the Best Energy, Mood, & Waistline of any Busy Woman you Know in 2022!

And Knock out Inflammation & Terrible Sleep
While You're at it. 

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Alesha Maury, ND

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What would you be able to do, and how would you feel…

If you bounced back in your health in 2022? If you realize that now, more than ever, is the time to get healthy & resilient in your mind, body, & spirit, keep reading.  

I am Alesha Maury, ND, and I’m your Fatigued to Energized Mentor. For the last decade, my most fulfilling work has been when I equip busy women like yourself, struggling with fatigue & stubborn weight, to reclaim their wellness by balancing hormones, improving mood & mental focus, and overcoming pain, naturally.

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I keep hearing from women that are feeling run-down and exhausted, anxious, and/or stressed over having “risk factors”. 
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Viviane's Story 4.5 Weeks into the Reset...

"Before doing this program I was feeling completely tired, my energy level was so low, that I did not have any motivation to do my work. I could not see a way out of this vicious circle of being overweight.


Now, I can feel I am not bloated, my legs and ankles were not swollen, when I walk I do not feel tired, and I have more energy. I also feel lighter, happier, and talk more to people. My doctor even told me to continue whatever I was doing, and they already lowered my blood pressure medication a little. They also told me if I continue this path, within months I could be out of the medication, which encouraged me to continue with this program even more.


I learned to enjoy eating more clean, and I feel my body also enjoys these foods. My family and friends are noticing the difference and my weight loss, which also is a motivator."

Viviane, Baby Melody Co-founder

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Alicia's Journey From Existing To Thriving

"Before working with Alesha, I was extremely affected by a thyroid autoimmune disorder that was causing extreme fatigue, pain, brain fog, etc…I could barely walk from the parking lot to a building without becoming overly fatigued and winded, and I needed to take frequent breaks for normal tasks…The asthma and hashimoto's disease are now both considered to be controlled... My entire experience was positive as she never gives up."

Alicia, Educator

You may be feeling stuck and out of options because of things like:

Doctor says all your tests are normal for your age
You’ve tried lots of pills, potions, and diets… and nothing truly heals
You don’t have time, or don’t know where to look for a better approach 

I get it, and it’s not your fault. 
The healthcare system often feels more like sickcare. I suffered greatly in my health for decades, so I know all about chronic pain, chronic infections, wacky hormones, ballooning weight, and getting little hope and answers after tests. Plus, I lost my father to cancer, in the prime of his youth. His story is actually what lead me to naturopathic medicine.

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That's Why I do What I Do

And I currently have limited seats open for...

A fun, yet transformational, hybrid group program  called Equipped for Energy Metabolic Reset Program! In this program, we work privately and as a supportive group.

Main Goals for This Reset...

Fast-track your journey to overcome fatigue & hormone imbalance, through a food & stress reduction-based detox!

Learn how to fix your sleep issues, so that you wake refreshed and renewed!

Knock out inflammation that's been causing pain and hindering your healing!

Accelerate your recovery from brain fog and poor mood!

Fire up your metabolism, so that you quickly start to release unwanted weight and reclaim your sexy!

Walk away with a fulfilling, sustainable plan for permanent weight management!

See More Program Details & Goodies Further Down the Page👀

Nicole's Progress at only 4 Weeks Into Doing the Detox...

My biggest fear was that I would become dependent on others and would not be able to enjoy my 50th birthday...

“I started this program in a very stressful state of mind. I weighed 343 pounds on all these pills and with these different allergies. My biggest fear was that I would become dependent on others and would not be able to enjoy my 50th birthday.

These few weeks made me more familiar with my body. I now recognize how stress and my eating schedule effects my blood pressure, bowels, sleep, pain, weight and my digestive system. I am currently down 35.3 pounds...

My breathing, and blood sugar, doing much better. My blood pressure is better… I actually feel less stressed since I've started….This program is very simple and it teaches you not just for the now but for a lifetime lifestyle change.”

- Nicole, Quality Analyst

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I Wonder Did You Know...

Your low energy, stressed mood, aches and pains, growing waistline, & you fill in the blank are all connected to the same root problems?

I know it sounds crazy, because we’re so used to “fixing” our health struggles on a symptom by symptom, case by case basis.
The truth is, without a plan that identifies and addresses your root causes of illness, you’ll just continue to put Band-Aids on symptoms and put out fires as they arise, with no deep and lasting recovery.

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There are 3 essential keys to getting your health back on track, that I consider laws of health...

But how many times have you seen someone who is eating kiddie plate size meals, and is still overweight, or someone who hits the gym, but is still stressed out, can’t sleep, and has health challenges? That’s because amazing health is not about calories and exercise.

If these 3 laws of health are not being followed, nothing we do to improve health will help or stick:

  1. Reset your body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm)

  2. Reduce your body burden (toxins of all types)

  3. Strengthen your stress management game (resilience)

So many women think that if they just eat less and exercise more, that they will feel better, look better, and have better health. 
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Equipped for Energy Metabolic Reset

Fun, Transformational Program Created for You

What Does Participation Look Like When You Join?

1-on-1 Sessions

You & I will have 3 private, virtual sessions during the program. First, we will review your health story, past and present, look at your goals, & tailor the reset to your needs. Next, we will track your progress, tweak as needed, address any obstacles, answer questions, and ultimately, map out your blueprint for the long-term.


Group Sessions

Join me each week on Zoom for group sessions, where we will cover relevant topics for your wellness success, & I answer all of your questions - all inside of a confidential and loving environment with other women going through similar journeys. 

Weekly Prize Opportunities Available!!


Recordings of these weekly sessions will be available.


Direct & Group Messaging

You will have the opportunity to chat with me via private messages in our secure client portal daily, or as often as you need. You also have the option to communicate with me via email if you prefer - your preference.

You will also get to engage in our group chat, with myself & the other ladies in the program - also within our private secure client portal.


Weekly Module Resources

Each week, you will receive a new module, via our client portal, which will provide you resources, guides, and handouts that help to clarify and solidify all the new information and strategies that you have learned that week during our group session and discussions. That way, you are able to start easily implementing the different wellness and lifestyle changes that you desire and reach your wellness goals.​

A food & stress-reduction based detox



Weekly Topics Covered:

Cleansing Phase: Eating for Energy While Melting Fat and Conquering Cravings 

Identify foods that don't work for you as an individual

Living in the Eye of the Storm 

Building resilience in your body, mind, and spirit, so you don’t go down in flames when life happens. Stress management success

Reset Your Body Clock with Ease

Timing your meals, sleep, and movement to work with and not against your internal body clock

Straighten Up Your Sleep

Dealing with your root causes of troubled sleep. Quality + quantity approaches

The Truth About Hormone Balance

Exploring root causes for menstrual struggles, menopausal difficulties, as well as adrenal & thyroid problems

Activating Your Vagus Nerve

The master switch in your body that's  affecting everything else. Simple lifestyle changes to support healing.

Joyful/Parasympathetic Movement

This program is an exercise free zone, but we will discover how to incorporate joyful movement that nourishes your parasympathetic nervous system

Optimizing Digestion

Health begins in the gut, & in this program, so shall we. Discover the root causes of indigestion & bowel issues. Mood & immune health are integrally tied to gut health. Learn how

Emotional Eating

What it actually means, who is affected (not the stereotypes you imagine)why it’s happening, & how to get to the other side of it

Detox Your Body

Unburden your body’s toxic load naturally and gently. How to keep your body’s natural detox mechanisms running smoothly

Detox Your Home

How to make better choices that set you and your family’s health up to heal. Hidden toxins and easy ways to transition to a cleaner home

Lifestyle Phase

Taking everything we have learned and making it a simple, sustainable way of life for you and your family.
This isn’t a temporary look and feel good blueprint – tools for a lifetime


PLUS: You Will be Shipped a
Program Guide & a
Success Kit, with all the Program Structure, Recipe Ideas, Tools & Treats You Will Need to Make This an Enjoyable & Successful Experience
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Enroll now, and you'll also get free access to a special event: 

Equip Your Immune System Master Class
$297 Value
  • You will no longer have to feel helpless, out of options, or frustrated when you or your family member comes down with something💡

  • How to strengthen your immunity starting now💪🏽

  • How to craft your natural medicine emergency kit, & where to go in a pinch when you need something 💼

  • Learn easy to implement, yet powerful Kitchen Medicine (recipes included) 🌿

  • Choosing clean, effective, trustworthy supplements that meet your needs 💊

  • Recording and handouts will be provided 💻📝

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Menopause Breakthrough

"Before following Alesha's suggestions, I was going through a situation that sent me straight into menopause. This left me very irritable and on edge most of the time.  I also craved sweets all the time. Her suggestions really helped with balancing my eating habits and craving sweets less. I noticed a change with my positive outlook and not being on edge all the time.  Also, there was a change in my weight loss."

Rhonda, Pathology Lab Assistant

Steps to Get Started??



Introductions! Questionnaire

Some questions to help me get an idea of what your needs are, so that when we have our 45-minute chat, I'm up to speed on your situation. Click here for that questionnaire.



Tired of the Struggle Session

This is a quick (45 min) chat via phone or video - your choice, to answer your questions, and connect & map out how I can best help you. I will send you my calendar to book a time, once I receive your completed Introductions! Questionnaire.



Enroll in the

Once you decide to take this step towards healing, let me know and I will send you the secure link to make your investment! I will then start the process of getting your Success Kit and Bonus Gifts shipped out to you.

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Living Life Again

"Before I began the suggestions that Alesha gave me… My energy was so low, I literally got up, went to work, picked up food on the way home, and when home, got in bed… She carefully looked at my overall wellness to help me uncover some underlying issues causing my symptoms… My mood and energy levels are normal, and my digestive pains eliminated… I will continue to recommend Alesha to anyone in need of holistic healing…"

Crystal, Independent Adjuster




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Personalized flower essence formula to support metabolism, cravings, mood, sleep
Complimentary (but optional) Supplement Support for digestion, mood, sleep, immunity
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 - to share all my favorite tips, tricks & tools that I loved when I did the reset myself!

Let's recap what's included here...

Questions? Email me at:

3 Private Sessions - you and I delve into your health story & map out your recovery plan

12 Group Sessions - fun, supportive community of women

Complete Program Guide - includes your success blueprint, recipe ideas, & guidance

Journal to track progress available digitally and hardcopy

Success Kit - with all the tools and treats needed to make this a great healing experience

Weekly Accountability Prize Opportunities

Powerful Lessons on Food, Sleep, Stress, Hormones, Etc

Private Client Portal for Chats & Messaging - you won't feel alone on this journey

BONUS: My FAVORITES Guide - based on my own reset experience

BONUS: Personalized Flower Essence Formula - support metabolism, cravings, mood, & sleep

BONUS: Supplement Support for digestion, mood, sleep, immunity

Early Action Bonus: Free Admission to the Equip Your Immune System Masterclass



To keep going forward with

Low Energy or Stamina ?

Stressed Out or Frazzled Thinking ?

Aches & Pains ?

Terrible Sleep ?

Excess Weight ?

Fill in the blank



Any of These? 

Work Opportunities ?

Social Life in the Dumps ?

Money devoured by medical bills ?

Relationship Suffering or Nonexistent ?

Bleak Retirement Outlook ?

Fill in the blank

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